Starvac Treatment


This unique treatment works with your Lymphatic Drainage system to help alleviate cellulite and re-shape your body. There are only 3 machines operating in Melbourne and we are the only company offering this fantastic service in Bayside.

This treatment combines vacuum suction massage with a specialized “palpating and rolling” technique for several health benefits.

A Starvac Vacuum Therapy treatment can alleviate or lessen:


Stretch Marks
 Heavy Legs
Muscle Tension
Face Wrinkles

There is no discomfort during treatment. The improvements are visible to the naked eye after a few sessions. The body will feel firmer and smoother with less ‘orange peel’.

A 6 session pack is recommended to achieve noticeable and/or satisfactory results.

Each Vacuum Therapy session is proceeded with a 30 minute Infrared Sauna. This allows for maximum results and is included in the pack price.