I highly recommend the team and their services. I love the infrared sauna and the vac service too! The first time I had it done, I felt like I was walking on air for the next few days!
— Jana

I would highly recommend Jane & her team to anyone & everyone.... I have seen some amazing results even after 1 session. She is super informative & I love my weekly visits!
— Shani

I highly recommend going to see Jane @next_generation_healthy_bodies - she is always a pleasure to deal with and full of knowledge. She will be able to tell you what sort of infrared sauna program would best suit your needs.
— Alex

I’ve had both the vacuum therapy and infrared sauna treatments. Both had an immediate result. I’m going to have ongoing saunas as they really help with my bad circulation and niggling (old age) aches and pains. In addition, I’ve noticed other benefits of weight loss, detox and most important relaxation. The environment that Jane has created is wonderful so you can really relax and enjoy your treatment.
— Nicole

Tuesday’s have become my favorite day - infrared sauna day. Most of the time I go in feeling cloudy and not quite right and I come out feeling clear headed, no brain fog and re-energized. Looovving it!!
— Bec